Thank you all for your questions! I have so many I can’t respond to them all. I will continue to answer the questions you sent to me in future blog posts. Stay tuned!

First off, when I am seeking answers from God through my Clairvoyance, I pray and ask for clarity on the subject of your question. I am looking for the truth to be shown to me. Here’s the thing- you’ve asked me a question but something else may come up- it’s an action step to take. I call it, ‘The need you need that you didn’t know you needed.’ (Yep, lol!)

Then you’ll have one less thing you need to do before you experience the manifestation of your desire. There is no such thing as Fate. Nothing is fated to happen so throw that out of your mind. Life happens according to our karma, our desires, our focus, and others influence. An easy way to anchor yourself in the most powerful manifestation of health, abundance, and healing is to give power to truth through prayer and meditation, daily appreciation, generosity, kindness, and dedication. You may have ill-health but if you lose yourself in the experience of ‘being sick’, you’ll need to pick yourself up and seek balance, spiritual healing (reiki, crystal healing, etc), better diet, fresh air, breathing and emotional healing. And see your doctor! Along the way you’ll have tiny feelings like – quit your job, go to yoga, walk the dog along the ocean, stop eating cheese, dress warmer, etc etc. If you are cynical or have become jaded by your experience you will ignore these voices. Listen! Take action. Face the fear and do what needs to be done. See yourself healed and happy- leave yesterday there. SERIOUSLY. LET IT GO. I hope you appreciate the information I see for you and I pray that you are uplifted by the answer even if it’s not what you’re expecting. While I would love to go deep into detail, a blog is not the place to do it. I don’t offer Readings anymore but you can work with me to get on the path toward your hoped-for changes and dreams! Don’t say it can’t be done… believe. So, work with me if you wish in January- I have three bookings for 1-1 Mentoring as seen here.

Here goes five questions in the order they were received:

#1. Iโ€™ve recently had another car accident.
That makes 3 in a short period of time. Each was the other driver’s negligence but Iโ€™m wondering if Iโ€™m doing something to attract them!

Answer: Anything that happens to us multiple times is a message from the universe about what you believe to be true for you. There are saying ‘Look and Listen within!’ The symbolism of a car is how we move through the world. Within you, you feel like you are being held back by someone or something. The problem-thought started in your mind and can be healed there. Be lovingly honest with yourself and get back into the driver’s seat of your life by acknowledging your defeatist attitude. How quickly do you give up? You have areas of great strength within you, remember that. Do not hide who you are and give into the world’s idea for you. God is offering you a hand up, take his hand and resolve to willingly learn and grow from life. Release resentment and grief through nature walks by the water. The eagle brings a message- watch for its presence and learn from it. To live life, playing your part, yet unattached. You have become too attached to pain, you expect it and use words that affirm more difficulty such as ‘out of control’ and ‘too busy.’ Your inner child needs some love! So, slow down, take time to heal and focus on the love carrying you.

#2. Will i find my romantic soulmate in this lifetime? Rene

Answer: You have had many hurts in life and your heart is healing. A new time is coming and with that a new man. The question to you from the Universe is, what would you like to experience now? Decide the kind of person you’d like and hang a visual image that represents that person. They are a symbol to remind you of the love you expect to receive. There are roses all around you- from a past love, and the energy there is healing. You’ve let go and should only look ahead now. Leave others to their individual path be it on this side or the other side. Be good to yourself above all else. Practice giving to yourself so you get the hang of it and don’t attract a ‘taker.’ However, I am confident you will find a soothing heart mate in 2018, the flowers have bloomed and the sun is shining! Expect fun, laughter, and friendship besides romance. You’re going to receive God’s choice for you this time around! Keep trusting God. Repeat, thank you for great long lasting love! Be open to travel and another move that lands you near to the ocean.

#.3 I get so lost in my past, that I canโ€™t see the future sometimes, so I guess my question is, what lies ahead for me and my family? Will we truly break this chain of intergenerational trauma and when? Susan

Answer: What is the past but a memory? You are re-living memories of hard times, times of suffering, pain, and loss. In your eyes, this was all wrong and you’ve wanted so much more for your family. However, let me remind you that each Soul comes here to learn and they take part in their learning with you as a ‘family,’ a group of souls who come to master many of the same lessons. Because of their intense suffering, you have sought out a spiritual path- and the first one of your family to look to Spirit for the answers and expect to be heard. You are a pioneer and yes you will heal in this lifetime. Stop fearing that you are ‘bound’ to the same karma just because you were born into it for a challenge this time around. No life is ‘wrong’ or bad in God’s eyes. He sees Souls growing and learning through life. You are already on an abundant path and within 4 years you will have landed on a dream life. Be careful not to miss this though- you sometimes live too much into the future and miss what’s already happening. You are in the transformation now and about to land in a new place (physically possibly as well?) with a move. Alberta has caught my eye but I want to say, be open to the unexpected and keep working toward achievement. Set goals, keep a steady pace and believe in your success. Decide that you are healed and it will be so.

#4. Hello Shanalee, I have short conversations with my loved one in my head, is this me talking both parts? Sheena

Answer: As souls we speak telepathically, not out loud. You can walk into a coffee shop and have assessed everyone’s energy without saying a word to them because soul’s commune without talking. So, how could it be that you are speaking to yourself or that your loved one isn’t listening? Indeed your husband is speaking with you, enjoying your conversations. He walks in a large expanded garden during your talks and he too strives to let you know it’s really him. He chuckles and says, ‘It’s like short waved radio!’ ( I had to google this because I don’t know the term lol) So, there are some challenges in communication but it’s really him. Please follow his guidance about your house when it comes. He trusts that you will be close to the children and are well taken care of. He is always with you and he’s grateful that you haven’t stop speaking to him!

#5. My question is.. I am wondering if you could give me some insight as to what is going on with my health and the steps I need to take to heal. Vanessa

Answer: Health is a big topic and frustrating, I understand! We are souls first and yet our bodies respond to our environment, diet, emotions, thoughts, and energy. I can see you are a ‘sensitive’ person but not a weak person. Loving, heartful and spiritually sensitive. I see dry brushing which is a clearing for the lymphatic system. Go to the store and get a dry brush to exfoliate before showering. Move the toxins out of your body. Do the obvious, get pain checked out at the Doctor, drink alkaline water and pay attention to your subtle thoughts as they are guiding you correctly. You will find Chinese medicine helpful. It seems that you will have some answers in early winter 2018 (Jan, Feb) and be empowered to take back your health. Don’t wait though imagining the worst because it’s not the worst case scenario and you will make it through any challenge. I feel overall that you take people’s pain on and need to set better boundaries with a man in your life. Exercise and eat consistently well, stay on the good eating wagon ๐Ÿ˜‰ Be positive, your health is improving.

I’ve been true to what I’ve seen and felt but I haven’t gotten into specific’s because it’s not appropriate in this kind of situation. Trust your spiritual connection and keep empowering yourself!

Many blessings,
Shana Lee xxx