Perhaps you need clarity on your love life or your spiritual connection? Or you may need closure following the death of a loved one. You may have a vague sense you’ve forgotten something important – and now you need to remember what that is. It just might be the missing piece that’s affecting your relationships, career, health or personal happiness.

Life will test you but with knowledge and spiritual awareness, you’ll find your sea legs despite any storm.

My Philosophy

I believe…

  • This moment is sacred, even if you feel lost and confused
  • Challenges aren’t failures, success doesn’t equal happiness and not everything is meant to be
  • You are fully equipped to find what you’re seeking
  • We all need support and empowerment to remember why we came here
  • I’m here to serve you through my spiritual gifts.

An invitation to you…

Join me for an intimate 30 min session in which I will address your unique question or situation. Using my clairvoyance, you’ll receive guidance specifically for you.

Come with an open heart, a willingness to learn about yourself and a sense of humour. This is an uplifting session where you’ll feel safe to both receive and share.

Please note: I will share the visions I receive that are intended to help you. Also, I will create a short dialogue to share spiritual truths in each situation so that everyone goes home full of insight.

In-Person Sessions on November 17th at 10am, 10:35am, 11:10am and 11:45am. Email us to book one of these times!
Online Zoom Session– November 9th at 10am, 10:35am, 11:10am, 11:45am, 12:20pm, 12:55pm

December dates will be posted soon!

Investment: $175 (plus 5% GST)

In person session

Zoom (virtual) session

Do you find you’re always thinking of others, sharing in both their joy and sorrow?

Maybe you’ve embraced your gifts and are using them in service to those who are guided towards you for healing or readings, but lately you feel you’ve lost momentum. Or you’re always giving and doing your best for others, but sometimes it feels like they ‘steal your peace.’

When you’re experiencing a loss of potency in your readings or healing work, find your information is watered down and generic, or you’re tired and can’t keep up – it’s time to reset and refocus.  

My mentoring sessions are designed to reacquaint you with your strengths, find your center and ‘see’ what you may not be seeing. Together, we’ll create a plan to get you back on track and equip you with the tools you need to upgrade your spirit work.

Tune Up

Four sessions, 1 hr each via Zoom

Investment: $1222


Eight sessions, 1 hr each via Zoom

Investment: $2888


Twelve sessions, 1hr each via Zoom

Investment: $4555

Meditation awakens the language of peace within us. Follow my voice as I lead you on a 15-20 min journey through your imagination. The meditation is professionally produced and accompanied with soothing music, chosen based on your connection with an aspect of nature.

You’ll be inspired to listen to this track every day, diving deeper into your soul self and your relationship to Spirit.  

How it Works:

We begin with a 15 min call to discuss your desire for meditation, working with key words and feelings. Following our call together I compose your track, and then work with a producer to record and lay it down to music.

You’ll receive your meditation within 30 days (in most cases) via MP3 format.

Investment: $495 (plus 5% GST)

Get your personalized meditation

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, eager to see a change but don’t know where to start?

I think of it as the ‘OH S—‘ moment where we hang on for dear life, wondering where we are going and where we’ll end up, often without the tools to make the transition from here to there. Although it appears to be an outer conflict, the conflict initially starts on the inside. A lot of fear begins at an early age when we start identifying ourselves by the world around us. We adopt beliefs such as ‘not feeling good ‘enough’, competent enough, smart enough, strong enough, beautiful, etc.

Life becomes a tough uphill walk.

As your personal guide I work with my gift of clairvoyance and intuition to help you learn about yourself as a spiritual being with a physical body. My ability to ‘see’ you as a soul, your natural talents & abilities, along with your fears and potent sensitivity is the right combination to initate deep transformation.

For the last 10 + years I’ve read for people around the world and guided clients successfully through personal & spiritual transformation.

It’s a process; joyful yet sometimes gut wrenching and life altering.

What I need from you: A willingness to learn and explore your relationship to the Divine (God or Spirit), honesty, a general ‘the glass is half full’ perspective on life, commitment to the process, enthusiasm.

What you can expect from me: Honesty, sensitivity, knowledge, compassion, humour, spirit- inspired accurate guidance, persistence, reliability, soul friendship.

We will create a personal road map with obtainable ‘goals,’ (subject to change as you change), exercises to strengthen your sense of self and help you access your creative inner resources (unique to you). Home discovery work, a personal meditation designed ‘just for you,’ and weekly sessions with me will give you a jumpstart like any other. You will experience concrete results if you do the work I invite you to do!

You don’t need to be psychic to do this work and in fact, it’s better that you don’t have all the answers!

I’m invested in your wellbeing. I want you to experience your magnificence. Expect to be inspired and have steps laid out before you to help you achieve your goals.

Email me to discuss your personal desire for this work.

* Weekly Soul Coaching Sessions 1 hour (Chosen in advance) for 6 weeks
* Worksheets for home discovery
· Affirmations for your direct needs
* One Meditation MP3 for you
· Empowering the Teenage Soul Oracle deck
· 25% off retail and courses during the mentorship program
· Weekly access to Shana Lee Gibson by email for immediate support

Whether you are in New Zealand or White Rock, BC- This work is available online and in-person.

Investment: $1345.00 + 5%GST

Let me be your personal mentor