We are at the six month mark of a 1 year in numerology! A 1 year consists of new beginnings and big changes. Last year was a culmination of many lessons and tremendous growth. You may look back at last year and shake your head with all that transpired, grateful to be in a new year. I often find that clients are eager for a new beginning but don’t know where to start. Where do you begin after a traumatic event? After the dust settles and you’ve moved into a new home? After surgery? It’s important to look back and claim the lessons you’ve learned. A lesson learned can be as simple as, ‘I was really hard on myself because I didn’t want to fail so I stuck it out despite my misery,’ to ‘ I am giving myself time to research new methods and take steps toward happiness, trusting myself fully- regardless of past experiences.’ Right now in this moment, there are changes you are making that are fully supporting your idea of a happy life. You are gaining deeper self respect and a healthy self esteem. These changes happen inside of you first. Then life responds with a new set of situations to choose from. You recover from ilness, a new job opportunity pops up, a new and wonderful person enters your life, an old relationship is healed. Don’t feel guilty about all the good you have! Others benefit from your happiness. A few people will resent your need for freedom and change but that’s their story- not yours.

So, given that you still have time to work with the vibration of a new beginning, how can you slowly and methodically open yourself up to a more loving way of viewing life and yourself? Do you need a yoga practice? A daily walking routine? A bead making practice? The truth is that you can do a million things in life, check off a to-do list successfully everyday but without love and purpose, it all amounts to very little. What you nurture in life will nurture you if it has meaning for you. Life doesn’t have to be ideal to be happy! You can make meaning in challenging circumstances. All of us are asked to do this several times in life- some people for an entire lifetime. What you attribute to any situation, becomes true for you but may not be wholly true. If you are sick and tired of something, try to see it differently- through the lens of love. Allow love to change you before asking for anything else to change- then life will change for the best. Love transforms everything it touches. What was once hopeless becomes full of hope and growth. Nothing is impossible, everything can be restored to it’s innate perfection.

If you’re rushing around, out of breath, go easy and ask yourself, ‘What am I moving toward?’ and ‘What am I moving away from?’ Are either of these motivations based in fear?

God (Spirit) is always with you, living through you, experiencing all that you are- do you feel the strength of that connection? Do you know how loved you are?

Stop, take a breath and listen.

Shana Lee xx