Eons ago, I was giving mediumship reading at a little bookstore called Dream Chaser Books (Coquitlam, BC) along with a few others. I’d listen to them speak about their Spirit Guides and stand in awe of their rock solid relationship with these great invisible beings. I, on the other hand had never met my Spirit Guide and didn’t know he existed. There had never been any formal introductions that I could recall. I spoke to my Guardian Angels instead. Curosity finally got to me one day and I asked God, do I have a Spirit Guide? I wish I could say that I was struck by a flash of lightening and an ancient being appeared in a glimmering robe speaking words of infinite wisdom…
Instead I simply felt a peaceful presence on the left side of my body. I didn’t hear anything or receive any amazing groundbreaking visions. It seemed other readers were having daily conversations, even being instructed step by step throughout their day as they decided what choices to make. I felt that I must not have been spiritual enough to receive such divine intercession but rather than worrying, I let it go and stuck with what I knew- my clairvoyance, trusting that my gift was enough and if God wanted me to meet my Spirit Guide, it would happen.

Years later I had a dream and saw my Spirit Guide clearly. I knew it was him. He was beautiful and animal-like, as if he were a man with the spirit of an eagle. Full of vision, foresight, perseverance and kindness. We were teaching together and he was showing me how to teach others about energy and manifestation. I thought he’d talk about my life but he didn’t. He was solely invested in my purpose, not my bills nor my relationships, or my readings. Let me share with you what he taught me about the role of your Spirit Guide and what your Guide would want you to know:

#1. Yes, you have a Spirit Guide, and yes your stubborn Aunt Mable has one too. Everyone has a Spirit Guide.
#2. Your Spirit Guide has lived a life on earth before and graduated from certain lessons before accepting the role to grow and learn as your Guide from the Other Side.
#3. Even Your Guide is held accountable for their actions on the Other Side and everyone works together, so if your Guide doesn’t know something, he/she will speak to an Elder Guide who knows and then relay that information to you.
#4. Your Guide speaks to you in ways you can accept and understand. If you’re a TV watcher, or listen to the radio, your Guide will send messages when needed through a TV program or the radio. If you walk in nature a lot your Guide will send you messages in nature. If you are an artist your Guide will send images and inspiration through art, etc. Listen to the messages and act.
#5. You can’t be anywhere where your Spirit Guide isn’t or can’t go. However your Guide is not interested in interfering with your life, so unless you ask for help or pursue a spiritual path, they won’t be hanging around. Also, if you choose a dark path (drugs, alcholism, indulge hate, jealousy, selfishness, etc.) you are moving away from your Guide so although they can be with you, your energy field will create a denser ‘sticky’ aura that will not enable them to be as close to you. The moment you choose a light path, even if you’ve been living the wrong way for a long time, your Guide will come to help you along with all of heaven.
#6. Your Spirit Guide works with you, not for you.
#7. You have full capability to complete your lessons and choose to one day be a Spirit Guide to someone on earth.
#8. Your deceased loved ones are rarely your Spirit Guides, however it’s a collective effort so they will also be sending you encouragment, love and signs.
#9. God is the CEO and the Spirit Guides are the Managers who answer to God.
#10. Your Spirit Guide is interested in your spiritual growth- how you learn to love, forgive, share, appreciate, go beyond your limitations and ascend spiritually. Of course, if you are opening up and doing these things, you’ll experience contentment and you’ll achieve your life goals too.

Your Spirit Guide wants you to know yourself as a child of God, whole and complete, capable of anything your mind can concieve and more. You are subject to the law of karma and still working through old ‘stuff’ that you don’t understand. Stop personalizing your obstacles and begin seeing them as part of a bigger soul story. Do your souls work. Only you know yourself and what your hang ups are. If you always rush to get to work, get up earlier, slow down and look around. Let someone pull in front of you. Loosen control on life and let the Spirit of all good things move through you. Then your Spirit Guide can start shifting energy to align you with your purpose.

Ask your Spirit Guide to be with you and to lead you toward your God given purpose and take daily steps to break out of being the ‘you’ that you know all too well. Let your mind embrace ideas of an expansive ‘you’ through meditation, higher thoughts and contemplation on Spiritual matters.

If you need help getting out of the way, try my Willow Moon downloadable album.

Be positive and expect to have a divine encounter with your Spirit Guide in practical ways that speak to your heart!

Shana Lee x