Six weeks of Mentorship with Shana were a journey of deep self-discovery. As a result, I feel unshakeable confidence in my ability to transform any situation and to trust myself, my decisions and ultimately to shape my destiny. Shana’s approach is direct and honest, yet deeply empathic. All of it is infused with the loving energy of spirit, with a touch of the otherworldly. Wholeheartedly an important and empowering experience.

I.V., Vancouver BC

It is a delight to work with Shana Lee, she is compassionate and caring and make you feel at ease instantly.
I had several readings with Shana Lee and participated in some of her wonderful workshops so it was with excitement that I began the soul coaching with her.
It was a beautiful experience and process where I discovered how to truly listen to my soul, become more confident in my choices, my affirmations and my beliefs. I am left with many new tools and renewed energy and for that I am grateful to Shana Lee.

GB, Vancouver BC

In this beautiful classroom called life, we are sometimes presented with challenges or stumbling blocks which may cause frustrations in personal growth . We become too close to the situation and need help. I was fortunate to work with Shana Lee as my guide. With her astute and clear connections to Spirit and God, we explored my progression as aSoul on the path to fulfilling her potential and uncovered forgotten realms . They were laid to rest, part of the mystery resolved. I am grateful for her teachings and her steadfast dedication while working with me.

Desiree, Vancouver BC

I recently completed a six week mentorship program with Shana Lee Gibson and am incredibly impressed by the results and what I’ve learned. I have worked with Shana for years , taking mediumship courses, meditation courses, other workshops, in person and online with her. I have always found her presence, ability and insight to be very powerful. She creates a high vibratory energy , full of spirit and insight, in the events and classes she holds for others. It is something I’ve only experienced a few times by other teachers and mentors, and I have taken many courses by domestic and internationally renowned teachers, so have a good idea of what to expect or hope for, on an energetic level, when in these environments. Shana is top notch in every way. Whether she is performing mediumship, leading us into a deep meditative and insightful state, or showing me how to find my own inner depth, she has an inherent knack for the task and an uncanny ability to ‘deliver’!

So when I read she was changing her focus from mediumship to more of an inner guidance based work, I was very curious and impressed, as she is clearly following her own guidance and going where she knows she needs to be in her work. She is one of the best mediums I have ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen plenty, so to change her focus away from that, must indicate she has found a deeper, more important path for herself.

I began the mentorship with expectations of getting closer to my own guidance and deepening my self understanding and ability to manage my own energy and changes. I received all of that, but so much more! As she goes thru her own internally guided process of leading me to what is needed, the energy shifts and begins to flow easily, the information that comes from her is profound yet simple, and at times, almost hard for me to understand in its entirety and depth, as I begin to unfold in the areas of focus. I say that, because as I listen to the recorded sessions, I learn more from them each time I listen! Clearly I wasn’t absorbing all of that on the first ‘listen or live session’! Without making this review too long, I have to say that I found the sessions incredibly helpful, insightful and long lasting. The shifts that have occurred in me, are what I was aiming for and go far beyond that. And the continued knowledge I am gaining as I continue to unfold myself down the seemingly endless road of these inner explorations and teachings, is something I can do on my own, so much better now after the sessions with Shana. These are difficult topics for me to articulate, and the self exploration and improvement is personal and deep, yet simple, clean and clear, and easy to work with. I am continually astounded by listening to the recordings and hearing things in a deeper way each time. I believe this is because I am changing and shifting and becoming more self aware as the days go by, and thus the conversations with Shana are more meaningful in deeper ways, as my own capacity increases.

Shana is delivering wonderful, deep, spiritual help and insight, into our selves and Gods’ plan for us, and our own ability to morph into our highest version of ourselves. She’s bringing tangible, effective, self discovery into the project and helping us find and expand on our own path , explore it’s depth of potential, and doing it in a way that is in conjunction with us…meaning it’s a joint effort. Thru my own participation and desire, she was able to help me find things I wouldn’t have discovered on my own, and help solidify and identify these things clearly in my conscious mind , so they are easier to work on, work with, and expand upon.

As this learning continues to unfold I will definitely be back for more mentoring from Shana, as it is a wonderful way for my already deep and insightful mind, to grow and expand, and go further into the depth and potential of my own being, as well as bring it to the surface in physical action. Since completing the mentorship I have made great steps on my journey of things I would like to accomplish in the physical world, and I know her mentoring helped me make that shift and transition.

Excellent new direction Shana! Clearly you are well selected for this important responsibility and higher path.

Nicole, Whistler, BC

I left with the sense of peace and understanding my fathers death that I have been seeking for the last 3 years. I also left with a clearer understanding of who he was, and how he lived his life. Thank you Shana. I’m so grateful for our session.

Mairi, North Vancouver, BC

Thank you for the excellent reading you held for my husband, son and myself. Our son, Roy, was especially in need of the messages he received and we appreciated each and every word you spoke. I hope he will heed the advice of his brother, friends and family from the other side.

Sandra H, Langley, BC

Thanks Shana! I want to thank you again for last night’s readings. I was so hoping my dad would speak to me, and he did. You said he said was a “ripe old age” which is a line he would say! Also you brought up the #93. Although my dad died at 91, he would be 93 in March, so he would say he is 93. Also the Patricia connection which happens to be my dad’s very first boat, the fact that the gentlemen you saw was wearing a cap, which is always did. You mentioned he was frugal and would fix things up rather than just buying something new, true fact J. There were so many things I can relate to, but the fact he mentioned the wedding and didn’t want to let it go. He wanted to congratulate me on my July wedding and was happy that I am happy. He is with me all the way and I know he is by my side.

Shelley M, Coquitlam, BC

Life is transforming, is my experience from Shana’s Soul coaching! Last year I started working with Shana on connecting with my intuition and souls true purpose and it felt like having someone holding your hand on your path home. Comforting, challenging, eye opening and with very evidential changes in the way I felt and how flow started running through me and manifestations started unfolding. I consider the coaching with Shana the step that opened up the incredible abundance in my life following the sessions that I am now living and loving! I have slowed down my mind and focused my attention and life and enjoyment have picked up speed to a whole other level at the same time.

Malene Grotrian, Squamish, BC

Our work together has definitely given me clarity and tools to continue to build my mediumship. Though I have studied and worked with spirit independently for over sixteen years with some good success, “official training” didn’t occur until about 2011, and has steadily built since then, with you being one of the best highlights of my journey, and some of the absolute BEST education I’ve had when it comes to this topic! You’ve given me insights, techniques, truly GIFTS that have really opened up new ways of receiving evidence and monitoring my progress in order to manage personal expectations and building greater confidence. The future is looking brighter than ever, and it simply would not have been possible without your wisdom and guidance. Your ability to tap in and see the dynamics of what was holding me back, personal blocks, etc., still astounds me. There’s that saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When I put it out to Spirit, they led me to you, and I will forever be grateful. Thank you for our time together and being such a blessing.

Jeffrey, USA

Hi Shana, I attended your workshop in Ballarat. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for a wonderful two days. You have a beautiful energy that radiates to your students. I have had a few tough months & you allowed my heart to open again. I reconnected with my soul & spirit. I wish you much joy as you teach others.

Sharelle Newcombe, Victoria, Australia

Thought I’d let you know how magnificent you are…. a couple years ago you told me that I would have a job change working on a pilot project (writing something). Last week I applied for a new job… the pilot project part of it did not dawn on me until yesterday and today I got the job! My jaw hit the floor when I realized that it is, indeed, a pilot project. Totally, magnificently incredible! Feeling very aligned and in my right spot.

Stephanie, S. Surrey, BC

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for my wonderful soul coaching sessions. I have loved every minute of them. I feel like I am going through the most transformative experience and it has given me immense comfort to have your guidance. Making changes in myself and how I see the world has required me to have more trust and faith than I knew I could muster. Thank you for helping me find that! What a treat you are and what a gift you have for seeing people (and I don’t mean dead people!). You are so easy to talk to and to be around and such the perfect person to be doing what you do. I love it all.

Michelle B, Port Moody, BC

You are very talented!!! I have always wanted but was afraid & I’m so glad my first experience was with you! The impact of the things you shared have been amazing, I feel so much more peace! Thank you!

Tanya B, Squamish, BC

I started attending demonstrations of Mediumship in 2011 by Shana Lee.
I was instantly convinced she had connected with my fathers Spirit, as she had very specific evidence of events that had just happened. I suggested my husband to have a private reading, as he had many unanswered questions of his Mother that passed away when he was a little boy. Shana was able to provide information of his Mothers past and was verified by his Aunts in another country. My two adult children have seen her as well, and were very impressed with what they heard at two demonstrations they attended, their readings and responses from others at the demonstrations were proof enough that she is very gifted. Shana Lee is a very loving person, she is calm and makes you feel at ease when she is giving you information of your loved ones, she makes sure that the message she is receiving is directed to the appropriate person. She radiates love and kindness, her energy is uplifting and has a great sense of humour and reminds us all to take the messages and revue them from time to time if they don’t make sense at the time of the reading. I have recommended so many people to her and every single one of them have had positive results from their readings and made connections with Spirit. Shana Lee will always hold a special place in my heart.

Jazmin A, Coquitlam, BC

I just wanted to send a thank you to you for the wonderful evening we had on July 31,14. I also wanted to let you know that Rick had a chance to talk to his Mom and found out that his Grandfather was in the naval reserve and his prize possession was a large wooden clock from the 30’s

Tina W, Port Moody, BC

Shana Lee’s accuracy is remarkable. I had my first reading with her in 2011. The call opened with a brief introduction and then immediately she highlighted key details about my life including the name of my significant other. She also noted that I had just moved (I was sitting amongst boxes!) Over these past few years I have consulted with her when I need further insight or clarification on a decision or during times of transition. On one call, a message came through from a deceased family friend. I had chills when she accurately described his passing. Later that day when I told my Mum about the reading she told me it was his birthday that day, and hours prior to our call I had been meditating in a rocking chair that he had given us. I believe what makes Shana’s work so profound is that she operates from a place of divine guidance and love. She is clear, specific and authentic – a truly beautiful soul.

Julie, Vancouver, BC

Just wanted you to know that I shared my reading with my teenage sons and they were able to validate many of the things in my reading that I wasn’t.
One special message that brought my son Evan to tears was after the birthday balloons (it was his birthday on the 18th of Jan) you asked how the number 12 related to this… Evan knew right away that it is the 12th player on the Seahawks team. They call the fans the 12th player. This is something that Evan and my dad talked about and shared. Its been bitter sweet having the Seahawks in the Superbowl for my boys because my dad was so into the Seahawks and really would be loving that they are playing in the superbowl this week!
Anyways just wanted you to know that going back and listening I too was able to make connections to things that I couldn’t that day (quite silly, when I think about it!) Thanks again for sharing your special gift with me that day, it meant the world to me!

Melanie Saranchuk, Vancouver, BC

I first met Shana, many years ago, when Dreamchaser Books recommended her for a reading. That was so long ago, the reading was recorded on a cassette tape! I was also a part of her very first ‘development’ group, as a wide-eyed student amazed that others were seeking answers to the same questions as I was. Several years ago, I attended her very first ‘mediumship demonstration’ , which yielded incredible results despite Shana’s initial lack of confidence. Shana’s integrity, warmth, kindness, and professionalism (along with her obvious spiritual gifts) were evident back then and continue today. I have watched in awe as she evolves and expands her gifts, and I feel very confident in recommending her to anyone interested in Spiritualism and Intuition. I continue to see Shana for yearly readings that are accurate and reliable, and I love attending her workshops when able, as they are always thought-provoking and fun. I look forward to what future spiritual gifts and offerings she’ll continue to share, and I am grateful to ‘Spirit’ for knowing her.

Lisa Rosado, Maple Ridge, BC

I just wanted to quickly email you to say Thank you! You really have a very special thing going for you. Your reading was so accurate, I felt so happy and blown away at the insight, knowledge and whole experience that you brought forward. It’s so amazing because – not that I should have been surprised – but you are totally normal, fun and funny. I guess that I thought the vibe would be more serious. You really brought a lightness to the whole experience. (I am still re-living that moment when you acknowledged my grandma and friend… wo w… like… you would never know that! J) I am totally motivated to dig a bit deeper into my life and see where the wind blows so to speak.

Stephanie Coates, Vancouver, BC

I was blessed to meet Shana at Tony Stockwell’s five day mediumship seminar in Melbourne, Australia.  I attended quite a few of Shana’s talks and workshops, and found Shana to be very easy to listen to, and entertaining as well with her easy humour!
I found Shana’s talks to be very inspiring, and I resonated deeply with Shana’s take on the Spirit world.  I also had a private reading which blew me away, had a message from a much loved Spirit when Shana demonstrated her mediumship on platform, and had an amazing meditation experience through one of Shana’s guided meditations!  An all round wonderful and humble tutor and medium, and I really hope that Shana comes back to Australia soon!!
Lindie, Melbourne, Australia

Thank you! Your reading was amazing and so validated the trust I am beginning to have with my intuition.   Thank you for all that you do.  I continue to tell others about you and look forward to chatting with you again…once I’ve done some of the work we talked about! I am still processing all that you said and am just in awe! You have such a special gift.

Jen Levy, Calgary, Alberta

Everyone’s journey is personal and unique. I believe the journey can be made so much more powerful and impactful with Shana Lee’s loving guidance and support. Her private soul coaching sessions have changed my life for the better. I wasn’t enjoying much of anything. I was focused on my past mistakes and heartaches. After one session with Shana Lee I knew that I had made a decision that would alter my life for the better. With her gift of intuition she has taken me to places I never thought would need attention and has encouraged me to learn and grow. I am more aware of everything and see life as a gift not as a chore. Without her I know I would still be stuck in my own misery thinking that life didn’t have much to offer. Each day I feel a positive shift taking place and I smile as I know it is because of Shana Lee. She is a gifted medium, coach, mentor and friend.

JS, North Van

My Studio Experience with Shana Lee was a truly magical experience. I went to see Shana Lee with the sole intention of trying to get in touch with my father who passed away a few years ago. Not only did she help me connect with him but her comforting words helped me heal from his death, something I did not think I needed help with. My reading with Shana Lee exceeded any expectations that I had. She eloquently relayed messages to me from Spirit regarding my father and she gave me insight into my own being. I was in awe at how accurate she was. Shana Lee also gave me invaluable tools to help me better understand myself which will help me to attain my goals. She has an amazing energy and spirit and I was honoured to have had a reading with her!

Corey, Vancouver, BC

Shana, I just want to thank you again for sharing your gift today with me. I feel the love and the light which surrounds you and your efforts to help us communicate with our loved ones. If my husband had a hand in choosing this direction for me he sure chose the right person. I am just truly blown away by it all. Almost in shock. Thank you doesn’t begin to express my appreciation for the insight you have given me.
What a wonderful thing – to have this gift of yours, and to be able to impart it in such a positive, informative, affirming way. I feel I have learned a lot more about life and beyond.
Hope to speak with you again.

Pam, Vancouver, BC

I first met Shana at a demonstration of Mediumship; I was so thrilled with the delivery of evidence and messages through her sense of humor and incredible accuracy that I decided to book a private session. From that life-changing first private reading I became curious of all things Spiritual and pursued deeper self-discovery through meditation with her Willow Moon meditation CD. Meditation opened my consciousness further and I registered for Shana’s Spiritual Development Classes. I am now entering the third level of her Intensive Mediumship Mentorship program with a whole new focus and purpose in my life. Shana has provided the caring and supportive guidance during my own Spiritual growth helping me understand the changes as they have been happening. Shana Lee is a wonderful teacher and mentor, I feel fortunate our paths have crossed.

Danielle Searancke, Squamish, BC

All it took was one evening to open my mind to the flourishing spirit world. One Friday in 2011 I attended my first demonstration of mediumship by Shana. I subsequently developed a further understanding in the blessings and messages we are constantly receiving from the other side.
My experience was remarkable; as she gave readings to her guests I listened with curiosity. People were shifting from sadness from their losses, to excitement to hear from their loved ones and finally to acceptance, a gift Shana gave that not everyone can provide, and a truly beautiful moment to witness.
I attended further demonstrations, and Shana has continued to put me in awe with her abilities and passion to connect the people she is around to their past over loved ones. Shana is inspirational and encouraging in the workshops I have attended and we always find a way to laugh by the end of the class. I always leave more energized and curious than I came, something that inspires development and growth in all domains of life.

Janna Hamzagic, Surrey, BC

I was at Maa Yoga today and my grandmother came through. (I was the silly one crying all the time!).
I called my Mother after and asked about a ring. She said she was going to give me my grandmothers ring as a surprise in two weeks when my mom comes to visit me (she lives in Ontario).
I wanted to let you know that. And that even though I was crying I was so overjoyed to hear from her. Thank you so much.

Amy V, North Vancouver, BC

Shana you are truly gifted. You were right, I was a bit skeptical at first, but was very hopeful approaching this reading. I began to relax as we went along. At first I didn’t recognize my relatives in spirit that were coming through, but listening to the recording afterward, it became so much clearer to me and in fact very obvious who these people were.I just wanted to know that you were excellent in your accuracy and it just took me some time to figure things out and also I was a little nervous. The best part for me was connecting with my daughter. It has been hard getting through this past year since her passing but I feel so much better now thanks to you. I love her and miss her more than I can say but kn owing that she is near by makes me so happy and comforted….Thank you so much Shana. You are amazing.

Jo Ann B, North Vancouver

Thank you so very much for an hour of amazement and absolute peace as you helped me to know that my Mother is free which is what she deserves after such a sad life. I have had  you and your so very accurate messages on my mind since yesterday and you made me feel so close to my Mother that I could have spoken to you all day – thanks to you I was able to feel her once more.

Raquel C, Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to thank you SOOOOOO much for the reading today. It was beyond my greatest expectations, and so helpful for me in moving forward. What an amazing gift you have, and to be using it in the way that you are is just awesome. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from other members of my family too (which may not be good news, considering how busy you are!). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, because I left in such a daze. I hope you know how much your reading meant to me.

Dana M, North Vancouver, BC

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