April has been a whirlwind full of opportunity, obstacles and excitement. I often think about the butterfly effect when I read about world events. I’ve noticed how our actions affect one another- what happens in Syria or Egypt or Australia ripples across the ocean and touches us in several ways. Energy knows no bounds and as souls we are interconnected. It doesn’t matter what our religion is or what our beilefs are. The day after Trump went into Syria I woke up to a random crack on the inside of my windshield and it made me think… #1. My problems are small… and #2. My heart feels the pain and suffering so many others are experiencing, even though it’s not happening to me and #3. It’s important to be happy for no apparant reason. I used to feel guilty about being happy- how can I be happy when so many aren’t? I’ve grown out of this and been told by Spirit that it’s my spiritual duty to be happy! I hope you’re trusting that the deep emotions you’re feeling are normal and healthy and a sign of your interconnectedness to all other beings. Just remember your duty to be happy and laugh because it feels good. May all beings be happy and free of suffering. Spread the love (even in the starbucks line-up) to remind others- we are in this together. xx