Proof of Heaven Summit

by Shana Lee Gibson & Dana Williams

Your Personal Clairvoyant Soul Coach

We all want to feel connected to ourselves and our spiritual power, on purpose and enthusiastic about who we are and why we are here.

So, how do we live in faith when challenges come? Our job is on the line, our relationships are suffering and/ or we are simply not content to go through life in the same way anymore?

Sometimes it isn’t an outer conflict that propels us forward but an inner need. A inner discontent or curiosity.

Some of the important questions to explore in a session with Shana Lee are:

Have I attracted everything into my life or is it happening for a reason?
Am I becoming cynical because of my lessons or am I seeing them for what they are?
How can I give up worry and what do I replace it with?
How do I activate my inner power and use it to change my direction?
What can I do to heal my body and live in harmony with my family and friends?

Inevitably we are asking ourselves, is this the life God (Spirit, Love, etc) chose for me or am I settling for less?

Some of these questions along with personal questions are answered in the most uplifting, empowering and healing ways throughout our work together. Whatever you need will be addressed and every session is unique and tailored to you.

As your personal guide in this 1-1 work I rely on my solid spiritual connection to help you learn about yourself in new ways. My ability to ‘see’ you as a soul and to receive timely guidance that will address your natural talents & abilities, along with fears and potent sensitivity is the right combination to initiate deep transformation and joy.

For over ten years I’ve read for people as a Psychic Medium around the world and guided clients successfully through personal and spiritual transformation. Now I am offering my vision to help you stand on solid spiritual ground.

Are you ready to join me for this joyful and life enhancing process?

What I need from you: A willingness to learn and explore your relationship with the Divine (God or Spirit), honesty, a ‘the glass is half full’ perspective on life,  commitment to the organic process of discovery and enthusiasm.

What you can expect from me: Honesty, sensitivity, knowledge, compassion, humour, spirit- inspired guidance, persistence, reliability, and commitment.

Together we’ll create a personal plan with attainable goals (these may change as we go along), and personalized exercises to strengthen your sense of self and help you access your unique creative inner resources. In addition, you’ll receive home discovery questions, a meditation mp3, and weekly sessions with me.

This is your invitation to take a leap into joy. You don’t need to have any answers. You simply need to commit to opening up and exploring your beliefs and ideas about yourself, your higher power and life. Want to discuss your desire to work together further? I encourage you to contact me and we can choose the offering which best suits your needs.

* Weekly Soul Coaching Sessions- 75min each for 6 or 12 weeks. (Chosen in advance)
* Inspired Questions for home discovery
* One Meditation MP3 for you
· 25% off retail and courses during the mentorship program
* Online Option to have the sessions recorded & emailed to you as an mp3

Investment: 6 weeks, $1345.00 + 5% GST, 12 weeks, $2340 + 5% GST

Join me from anywhere in the world! ** Online video mentoring only available at this time.

Six weeks with Shana were a journey of deep self-discovery. As a result, I feel unshakeable confidence in my ability to transform any situation and to trust myself, my decisions and ultimately to shape my destiny. Shana’s approach is direct and honest, yet deeply empathic. All of it is infused with the loving energy of spirit, with a touch of the otherworldly. Wholeheartedly an important and empowering experience.


It is a delight to work with Shana Lee, she is compassionate and caring and make you feel at ease instantly.
I had several readings with Shana Lee and participated in some of her wonderful workshops so it was with excitement that I began the soul coaching with her.
It was a beautiful experience and process where I discovered how to truly listen to my soul, become more confident in my choices, my affirmations and my beliefs. I am left with many new tools and renewed energy and for that I am grateful to Shana Lee.?



In this beautiful classroom called life, we are sometimes presented with challenges or stumbling blocks which may cause frustrations in personal growth . We become too close to the situation and need help. I was fortunate to work with Shana Lee as my guide. With her astute and clear connections to Spirit and God, we explored my progression as aSoul on the path to fulfilling her potential and uncovered forgotten realms . They were laid to rest, part of the mystery resolved. I am grateful for her teachings and her steadfast dedication while working with me.


I recently completed a six week mentorship program with Shana Lee Gibson and am incredibly impressed by the results and what I’ve learned. I have worked with Shana for years , taking mediumship courses, meditation courses, other workshops, in person and online with her. I have always found her presence, ability and insight to be very powerful. She creates a high vibratory energy , full of spirit and insight, in the events and classes she holds for others. It is something I’ve only experienced a few times by other teachers and mentors, and I have taken many courses by domestic and internationally renowned teachers, so have a good idea of what to expect or hope for, on an energetic level, when in these environments. Shana is top notch in every way. Whether she is performing mediumship, leading us into a deep meditative and insightful state, or showing me how to find my own inner depth, she has an inherent knack for the task and an uncanny ability to ‘deliver’!


Hi Shana, I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity with you today. It was a gift. As you know this week/month has been rough for me and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get the most from our time. BUT, how you communicate and guide the conversation really unraveled what was at the heart of the matter for me. I truly did not realize the effect of my father on my life. I always focused on my relationship with my mom as she was the prevalent parent. He was out of sight and seemingly out of mind, or so I thought..I can understand my brother and sister a little better and their crap, lol…Wow all this enlightenment in only 40 minutes! I have been inspired back to positivity, thank you. Thank you. I am grateful for You ?


6 weeks Guided Support

Via Zoom- Online Video Platform

12 weeks Guided Support

Via Zoom- Online Video Platform