It’s Monday and I’ve just returned from a weekend in Arizona where I attended a conference and stayed with an old friend from acting school 20 years ago! A couple months earlier I received an email from HayHouse, advertising a conference for ‘ movers and shakers.’ In my words, people who rise to their souls calling and courageously offer their gifts to the world. Since transitioning out of 1-1 readings and into Personalized Soul (clairvoyant) mentoring I’ve been feeling strange. I started to dig deeper and ask myself why? I love this new direction, sharing visions that change people’s lives, I love how receptive and willing clients are to grow and face their challenges over a 6 week period and I can make it through the day without a 2hr nap! Yippee!

So what was this strangeness? And why hadn’t I spotted it before? Oh right! I hadn’t made the time. My schedule has been full for so long- and I mean, stretched to the max, down to the minute full- so much so that I stopped considering holidays other than Christmas, a reason to take a break. I initially judged myself for slowing down, taking stock and reconsidering my priorities. Besides, my purpose is to bring closure and peace to others so why would I slow down just as I was able to reach more people? The answer emerged from the fog inside my mind. I needed a break. God had a new plan and I (being stubborn) needed time to wrap my head around it. On holiday in Jamaica, it was shown to me that I’d been so busy helping people grieve their losses than I stopped grieving my own. It’s been 12 years since I said ‘yes’ to offering visions to the public and along the way some of my own dreams had died including ideas that held promise but didn’t come to life, difficulties in relationships that needed a higher level of integrity but continued in the same agonizing way and my body needed my attention. I had grown and yet I didn’t want to admit that growth meant to change.

So before my rocket launch into the next phase of my career, I get to experience emptiness, quiet, eating more regularly and more balanced meals, putting my needs first (even hard to think much less write!) and enjoying marriage, my daughter, dogs, and nature. I’ve even discovered a new love of cooking easy nutritious vegan recipes.

I’m healing and my weekend at Hay house strengthened my conviction to step back and listen within. So for now, I am a work in progress, loving each day with new awareness and gratitude.

What are you being asked to do that you’re fighting? What are you afraid to lose if you step back? Where do you find yourself at the end of each day? Tired and alone? Body aching and unmotivated or unsupported? I know from experience that whatever you fear will run your life and whatever you face will teach and liberate you. It’s a good time to let your shoulders down, stand tall and celebrate yourself for making it here, to this moment. You’ve been willing and willful. Just maybe, you need a little break too. Stop for a while, take stock, move deliberately without racing to your next goal and I invite you to Resist the urge to do something else, take two of the six project ideas off your list for today. Nothing inspired and truly life-transforming is born out of fervor or desperation. Live in the emptiness, get comfortable there for a while. Don’t worry though, the moment you become accustomed to slowing down, life will pick back up speed and something new will be born.

Go slow with me and birth 2018 intentionally. Let’s take it one step at a time and uncover dreams and desires you may be ignoring, fearing or have forgotten.

Spirit will show me visions of your life so you can take action and live according to your truth. WORK WITH ME.