‘Empowering the Teenage Soul’ 33 Oracle card deck with Guidebook

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Empowering the Teenage Soul by Shana Lee Gibson

Empowering the Teenage Soul is a set of 33 oracle cards created for teenagers; though, they’re suitable for all ages. Beautifully illustrated and uplifting, each card provides intuitive guidance for everyday situations.

Whether you’re encountering a challenging time in your life or looking for clarity in making decisions, these cards are designed to give you insight from your soul’s perspective. Oozing with wisdom, love and humour: you’ll discover the tools to live your heart out. These cards and the accompanying guidebook will teach you how to cultivate and trust your intuition while tapping into your own feelings and knowing.

$24.95 + taxes
Includes 33 Oracle card deck with Guidebook
* Be sure to ask Shana to sign the deck for you or your loved one.

Try the cards and receive daily guidance using the online app!

*You can also pick up your deck of ‘Empowering the Teenage Soul’ at the Following Stores:

Reflections Bookstore (Coquitlam, BC)
The Oracle (Whistler, BC)
Whitby’s Books (White Rock, BC)
Banyen Books (Vancouver, BC)
Phoenix Rising (Langley, BC)
Triple Spiral (Victoria, BC)
Utopia (North Vancouver, BC)
Emerald Moon (Maple Ridge, BC)
Indigo (Grandview Corners)
Indigo (Granville & Broadway)
Spiritual Origins (Huntington Beach, CA)
The Green Man (North Hollywood, CA)
Vision Quest (Washington, DC.)

Contact Barbara at Dempsey Distribution in Burnaby BC to carry the cards in your canadian retail store: barbara@dempseycanada.com

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  1. These oracle cards have helped me immensely .. It’s a daily practice for me prior to meditation to help set and intention for the day ??
    Also I’ve started to let my 6 yr old granddaughter play around with them she loves it
    She likes to draw cards for people and explain there meaning by the photos 🙂
    Thank you Shannon ❤️

  2. I love this amazing beautiful deck! I seam to draw the same cards. And it’s always exactly what I need for the day.

  3. I have to be honest, I have a hard time connecting to these cards. I feel they are more directed to the younger person but in saying that, they are a beautiful deck. The card stock is thick and solid, the art work on each card gives you a mixed image of magic & reality. The guidebook is easily understood and gives the reader a good explanation(meaning) of each card. If you are a teen or younger(adult) then these cards are a definite must, you will love them. I hope Shana creates a deck for the “older adult soul” very soon! I highly recommend this deck for the under 25’s.

  4. I love these Oracle Cards, I am new to using cards so still learning. But when I pull cards, or more so lately they jump right out of the deck, they are crazy accurate for me. The same cards sometimes, so I know I am getting told which path to follow. These are a beautiful deck of cards and I am so happy to have my own set. Thanks Shana Lee for your continuing encouragement in my Journey. I love them!!!

  5. These cards are the most amazing deck that I have ever owned. The are absolutely spot on each time, they give me guidance and what I need each day! They are beautifully designed and I just love to look at them. They are my daily go to deck now! Im drawn to them! Thanks Shana for producing such an amazing deck of cards xx

  6. I love this deck. They are so easy to use and understand and they are great for people who have never used an oracle deck to those who are advanced.
    I often used them with my clients after I’ve done a healing and they every time confirm what has come out in their sessions. With my meditation groups I used these cards, and get the group to pull a card for what they need to acknowledge for their own healing.
    These cards are always eerily accurate. I’m 42 and can connect with them perfectly. They are for young and old.
    They are a beautiful gentle deck and are one of my favourites to use.
    Do yourself a favour and get a deck and let the healing begin. ❤️

  7. The deck is beautiful. The Spirit card is You Shana? Really pretty. I find the cards I draw are relevant, and sometimes not at the time but later I will see the connection. It’s fun to see what comes up!

  8. These cards drew me in right away. I love the energy I get from them. I bought them because I have a young son who is spirited and plan to keep them for when he gets older so I can, hopefully, gift them to him when he’s ready. They are very well done and are a welcome addition to my collection!

  9. (verified owner)

    These cards are incredible! I use them on days where I am feeling the need to connect with my higher self. I find them to be a great resource for my intuition. I had a particularly trying day and I used them for a reading and I told myself I would only pick one card – the one I picked was “guardian angel”. It was so spot-on for me and very comforting. I find them to be very accurate. I am new to oracle cards and I find these easy to use and the illustrations are gorgeous 🙂 I truly enjoy them.

  10. (verified owner)


  11. I absolutely love these cards!! My daughter who is 11 brings them to school and helps guide her friends!! She really connects with the cards! They are a beautiful deck and the cards are very meaningful!! They are a great way for a young girl to start harnessing her intuition!

  12. These cards look beautiful! Drawing cards always helps me get centred and focused for the day. Im really at a crossroad of change in my life and think the balance of humour and love in the decks cards are EXACTLEY what I need right now to help me out. Hope to own these soon! <3

  13. I bought these cards when they first came out and I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful artwork along with the meanings behind each card. I find that these cards are different than other oracle decks, and they are accurate with loving guidance. I was so impressed with them I bought them for a pre-teen I know who also loves the simplicity of them. These cards are geared towards the teenage soul, but they are useful even for adults. Beautiful cards.

  14. I’m thrilled that Shana has created these. Just in time for high school graduation, I plan to purchase a deck for my niece, who adores my oracle cards when she visits. What a gift to have a deck designed for her age and spirit! She will love them. Thank you Shana.

  15. My daughter uses these cards on a regular basis and loves them. She finds them very helpful. Shana has written beautiful and powerful cards that anyone can use

  16. My granddaughter enjoyes using Empowering the Teenage Soul Oracle Deck. Her Daddy past away a few years ago & this deck gives her comfort, guidance & peace. Thank you Shana for creating cards not only for teenagers but also adults.

  17. I received these cards for a course I recently took with Shana Lee, and they have been a wonderful tool for guiding my soul in the right direction and for confirmation that Spirit is in my life. I am definitely not a teenager but I have found them to be so useful and accurate. The art on them is very beautiful and inspiring.

  18. I am a big fan of these beautiful cards. Shana has really done an amazing job bringing this card deck to life. The artwork is top notch and the messages resonate with me so deeply. Recently I shared them with my 11 year old daughter, and she gets so much benefit from working with them. They are inspiring and motivational and I highly recommend them to anyone of any age!

  19. This deck is scarily accurate and I absolutely love using them daily! Though it says it’s a TEEN deck, as an adult I find the messages relevant to my everyday life! really, do we ever grow up? haha The imagery is beautiful, the messages are clear, and you can tell this deck was divinely guided in its creation!

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