‘The only burdens we can carry are those that turn into lessons. Then our load is lightened and we are free to choose again.’

(Note- I use the word God & Spirit- use any word you wish that represents your higher power.)

How many times a day do you look back and re-live a painful situation? Have you often asked yourself ‘Why?’ Was it predestined? or ‘Did I attract that negativity/ person/ job, etc?

As a soul seeker, I’m sure you’ve searched high and low to make sense of the situation, even taking responsibility for your part. Good for you! However, Spirit sees you weighed down by ‘What if’s’ and all kind of fears you can’t afford to keep carrying. This is a moment of surrender so you can lay things to rest once and for all.

Right now, God (Spirit) is thinking in your mind, directing you to wisdom. Isn’t it wonderful to realize you don’t have to figure out how to forgive? The struggle can end here and now. Grace will sweep you off your feet the moment you let go.

Shana- But how can it be that easy?!

From the moment of our birth, we struggle in this cold world, where greed, war, and selfishness abound. On the Other Side, we live in peace, unconditional love, equal friendships, and celebration. We are free to explore the many sides of ourselves and we never experience mental anguish. All of that is experienced on earth so we can grow and master our lessons!

What I’ve learned is that we are not going to have all the answers about why something happened or what our part was. In fact, God doesn’t want us to spend our lives agonizing over it. The answers will be given to us if it’s useful information, and at a time we can truly understand the higher meaning.

Start right now. Search your mind and make a list. What is the hottest topic weighing you down? Dig deep. Don’t settle for the first few answers, keep digging and write all the answers down.

Find a sacred place where you can be alone in nature or at your small created altar (meditation space) if you have one.

Talk to God in your own words. Lay it all out. God already knows. He is omniscient. (Everywhere, inside of you and in all things.) Heaven works effortlessly within his natural laws so he isn’t too busy for you. We need to connect because that’s how we are wired. Notice how you can do loads of self-help work and still feel weighted down? Nothing replaces true connection.

Pray until you’ve said EVERYTHING. Let nothing remain.

Tell God/ Spirit you are going to let go and trust.

You are committed to trust. So be committed. Don’t pick the burden back up. Be stubborn yet gentle and kind to yourself while you learn a new way of doing things.

The next time you are tempted to pick it back up, remind yourself that you took a solemn oath to let go. Do something to strengthen your sense of self so God can continue speaking to you at the times you are most receptive.

Be patient and connect every day!

Otherwise, you’ll notice that it’s tough to feel good, confident, on purpose. Those are fruits of the Spirit and don’t come from life. They come from within.

You are destined to live a happy, courageous life. May peace fill every cell of your body as you awaken to love.

Need a little help? Re-connect to love with my SOUL LOVE Mp3 or WORK WITH ME.

God Bless,
Shana Lee x