Oracle Deck for Kids & Teens: Empowering The Teenage Soul

33 Oracle Cards & Guidebook by Shana Lee Gibson

Experiencing Friction…

“My kid and I can hardly look at each other, let alone speak in a meaningful way.”

Let the Oracle Speak…

“I love that my kid now has a ‘medium’ for connecting to his/her emotions & internal world.”

Enjoy a Deeper Connection…

“I feel like I have my kid back. We’re finally communicating with our hearts.”

“When I’m feeling worried I take out my Teenage Soul Cards and they help me process how I am feeling. I worry about my sister. The cards helped me to open up and start talking to her and to also talk to my parents about it.”


Empowered Youth

“I have been using the Teenage Soul deck for over a year now in my practice. As a therapist I’m always looking for tools to promote connection and deeper understanding with my teen clients. These cards do exactly that! I often open sessions with a reading, which sets the tone for more open and honest discussions with my clients. My teens love them. Any therapist who works with teens should definitely have them in their toolkit!

Tamika Lewis, LCSW
m.(818) 284-7088


Empowered Therapist

“These cards are the most amazing deck that I have ever owned. The are absolutely spot on each time and they give me guidance and what I need each day! They are so beautifully designed. I just love to look at them.”


Empowered Teenager