January 28th- December 16th, 2017
1 year Mediumship Mentorship with Shana Lee- CLOSED
$2,500.00 + TAX
Mediumship is a delicate art that demands our full attention, dedication and love. You must have a willingness to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally while expanding your knowledge of the soul and the world of Spirit. This 1 year mentorship is based on Shana Lee's 10- years of experience as a working medium with clientel around the world. Shana Lee is known for her excellent mediumship and healing humour. This mentorship will be created to suit each individual medium rather than a set cirriculum for the entire class. Exercises will include visualization, expanding the power, integrity in serving Spirit, symbols and literal work, a mediums toolbox, meditation specifically for mediumship, the altered state, Guides and Guardian's in our work, working in diverse situations and maintaining honest, loving connections with the spirit world and those in life. Other exercises will be used as Shana works in a flexible manner based on the needs of the day. Shana has a high standard for her students and requests that you are not attending any other training during the mentorship program. This includes home circles with friends (unless agreed upon with Shana.) This enables Shana to ensure no lines of communication are crossed and she can uphold the highest quality in your learning. Classes are once per month for 5 hours at the studio in Crescent Beach and every 2nd month Shana will have a 30min private skype call with you to discuss your unique challenges and gifts. In total you will attend 12 classes and 6 private 30 min skype calls. If you miss a class, Shana is not able to make it up. However, homework can be given to work on between classes. You will complete a 1 hr Mediumship reading, a Demonstration of Mediumship, a skype reading call, an email reading, a 20 min healing session & more for the public and upon completion of each exercise given you will be mailed a certificate at the end. To apply please email Shana at info@shanaleegibso...


The Healing Arts Studio, Crescent Beach



Event Length:

1 year


January 28th- December 16th, 2017
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