My guidebooks are a compilation of over ten + years working full time as a Clairvoyant. Within each of these, I share with you my honesty, wisdom, and meditation techniques.

When you tap into the wisdom of your soul there are no limits to what you can know, understand or achieve. This self-guided, 17 session e-course encourages you to take the next step on your intuitive journey. You may feel silly and out of sync at first, but through dedicated practice and completion of these exercises, your intuition will start bubbling up to guide and support you in life.

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I found the Love Your Intuition online course a great beginning to my year! Although I may have known some of the ideas and skills, it was just such a great reminder and motivator for me. It gave me that gentle push that I needed to remind myself to work on myself and that we all have that innate ability to ‘know’ we just need a little help at times. Plus the way Shana presented the ideas, made it a joy to complete. Thank you!

Tanya R.

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