My guidebooks are a compilation of over ten + years working full time as a Psychic Medium. Within each of these, I share with you my honesty, wisdom, and meditation techniques.

When you tap into the wisdom of your soul there are no limits to what you can know, understand or achieve. This self-guided, 17 session e-course encourages you to take the next step on your intuitive journey. You may feel silly and out of sync at first, but through dedicated practice and completion of these exercises, your intuition will start bubbling up to guide and support you in life.

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Investment: $77 + TAXES

I found the Love Your Intuition online course a great beginning to my year! Although I may have known some of the ideas and skills, it was just such a great reminder and motivator for me. It gave me that gentle push that I needed to remind myself to work on myself and that we all have that innate ability to ‘know’ we just need a little help at times. Plus the way Shana presented the ideas, made it a joy to complete. Thank you!

Tanya R.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Meditation 101 and 201
  • Strategies for creating space and time to meditate
  • The truth behind ‘clearing the mind,’ journalling and chakras
  • Four guided meditation tracks:  ‘Awakening’ Chakra Track, Grounding, Meeting your Guide/Loved One and Soul Love

In this digital age we are craving solace, an inner release from the external pressure and a source of contentment that goes beyond status and stuff. Meditation is a powerful tool to gain control of your thoughts & feelings (even when we’d prefer to control everyone and everything else in our life). This e-course helps you find your internal groove so you can compile your thoughts and understand what truly matters to you.

I’ve been meditating faithfully for the past 17 years, it’s a practice I won’t live without and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to meditation or a seasoned meditator, I’ll help you develop the same techniques I’ve used to live a calm and centered life despite the storms.

In this Guidebook Danielle Searancke contributes from a Students perspective.

Investment: $77 + TAXES

Inside the e-course you’ll discover and learn:

  • Meditations
  • The meanings of clairs, chakras and common spiritual terms
  • The role of the body and intuition
  • “Negative energy” as negative self perception
  • Ethics needed before performing a psychic reading
  • The power to choose what you give meaning
  • How to “read” psychically for yourself and friends

Whether you wish to give readings to others or simply understand your own abilities, this course is for you.

Do you feel things before they happen? Think of someone you haven’t seen in ages only to have them call? Nothing is a coincidence – these experiences are a testament to your psychic abilities. Nothing is a coincidence. What appears to be random happenings are really a ‘calling’ from a happy and connected universe to your soul.

Right now your soul is speaking to you in the form of intuitive impressions, dreams, conversations with others, signs and feelings. This is your opportunity to find peace within as you learn to tune into your inner rhythms and embrace your psychic gifts.

This beautiful e-course is straightforward, richly informative and honest. It’s time to make sense of your psychic abilities and discern truth from imagination. Let me lead you through a leap of faith.

In this Guidebook Danielle Searancke contributes from a Students perspective.

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