When I tuned into my intuition and asked, what’s the topic for Monday’s Blog? I heard in a long southern drawl, ‘A change is a-comin.’ Well! (I thought) it’s about time! I bet a lot of people want to hear what you’re going to say next. So I sat and waited for a response.

You see, God speaks to each one of us in subtle & apparent ways but because we often don’t expect him/her to answer, we ‘think’ we haven’t gotten a response. Maybe we aren’t pure enough, religious enough, worthy enough, etc. It doesn’t matter what we tell ourselves, our innate and natural connection to God is always there- buried underneath the rubble of yesterday’s struggle not yet digested or reconciled.

I took a deep breath, stepped away from the thought ‘who me?’ and ‘how dare I?!’ and listened.

God spoke through a feeling that turned into a knowing. ‘Everyone feels the changes, fluctuations in body temperature, health flare-ups, relationships being challenged to a breaking point, custody agreements rearing their head after years of quiet, Big companies letting people go due to market changes, a lot is happening. Many people are craving simplicity- a smaller home, less maintenance, the freedom to travel and care for their loved ones. Many are asking about their purpose and are ready to give using their natural gifts. It’s a changing world and our souls aren’t used to ‘not being in the know.’ On the Other Side, where we reside, we know what to expect. There are no threats or fears to consume us. Here, we have to experience fear and choose love anyways. Even though it’s human instinct to retaliate and make claim, we are being asked to learn about power from a loving perspective and choose our actions appropriately. Many people will see their hopes come to pass and they shouldn’t be afraid to experience rocky patches as part of that. It’s sensible to expect to be uncomfortable but it’s another thing to drag it out in our minds by playing out all the worst case scenarios. That’s a waste of energy and actually slows down the fulfillment of desires.

How do we stay happy in the middle of the shift?

#1. Prepare for the changes by taking small chunks of time away from the world and indulge in meditation, yoga, journaling, laughing, playing, exercising, etc.
#2. Recognize that changes are always preceded by breakdowns followed by breakthroughs
#3. Follow the still small voice within
#4. Don’t try to make sense of every tiny sign, go with the flow and know this is one stop on the journey- not the destination.
#5. Remain curious
#6. Let your guard down.
#7. Be strong in who you are- your values and what matters to you.
#8. You’ll know what to do when you’re supposed to.
#9. Be patient
#10.Trusting yourself is trusting God and vice versa!

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Thanks for letting me be part of your day!

Shana Lee x