Celebration of Spirit

After death, your loved ones continue to live on.

They look just like themselves only more vibrant and alive.

In fact once they’ve settled in to the Spirit World they will take on the appearance of a younger and more vibrant self. Wouldn’t you want to move through your next adventure looking your best?

This is why memories are a key point of evidence after your loved one dies. They may refer to their favourite car, the time they went to war or mothers disapproval of their first marriage and the decision to marry anyways! And how it was the best decision ever made. They may chat about an old photo when they looked and felt their best. You may think it’s irrelevant but to them it’s just yesterday!

With their new awareness they will move through the spirit worlds effortlessly, always participating in your life and especially for the milestones such as a birth, wedding, birthday, illness and any big life change. They’ll even stop to tell you to clean the house if it’s collecting mothballs. No conversation is too big or too small for your loved one.

Now that your loved ones have exchanged their physical body for a light body not only can they move unencumbered by physical constraints, they can communicate quite efficiently through thought transfer. Pay attention to your thoughts.

Healing Messages

Healing Messages

Thoughts are energy in motion so any thoughts you hold of them magnetize them towards you. Loving thoughts are the greatest force and can never separate two souls from one another. They’ve got more work to do, relatives to visit and lessons to understand. Give them time to get used to communicating while completing their new duties. Some of your loved ones will communicate easily and like a pro, others will take some time getting used to how things are now. Remember how grandad never liked using a computer- he felt it took away from tradition and the art of letter writing? Well he’s still the same personality and he’s just as stubborn as ever.

How you can stay connected to your loved ones

  • Watch birds; your loved ones will influence them.
  • Rainbows are saying ‘all is well!’
  • coins and feathers are simple I love you’s…
  • Talk to your loved ones and listen with an open heart
  • Play music you both love
  • Go through photos and keep one special photo up
  • Light a candle and place them in your thoughts, when you blow out the candle visualize the smoke sending love to heaven.
  • Keep fresh flowers and especially the ones beloved by your loved ones. You can do this whenever you wish but perhaps you can create a ritual around a special date such as Mother’s Day, a birthday or a day you choose.
  • Share memories of joy whenever you talk about them. Even if they had a hard life, died after suffering many years or you only reconnected after some time. 
  • Smudge yourself and your home from time to time. Buy sage and using something to collect the ashes, move the smoke into the corners to remove any negative residual energy.

Only love exists on the other side, your loved ones will see what they forgot while alive, what they did right and what purpose they gave to life.

There is no judgment only learning, love and acceptance.

They will prompt and encourage you to keep growing and living. Their message is, ‘never give up on yourself or your dreams… I am only a thought away.

Keep growing, have fun and live your life, be accountable to yourself and pray for your loved ones if you carry any ill will, anger, deep sadness or regret.

Your loved ones are never lost, if you feel their presence they are simply coming around to say hello!

If they need to get a message across they will!