Death is a transition; a step through another doorway to the eternal world. In the “Other World,” we are experiencing ourselves as multidimensional, free, spiritually created beings. Further to that, there is an immediate experience of being more than we thought we were. For many souls, there is a peaceful surrender of their job title, household duties, obligations, fears, worries, dreams, and desires. Realization is natural and ongoing as a soul releases control and is magnetized home.

Early memories of positive spiritual, loving or religious experiences become a point of light as each soul instinctively remembers who and what they are as well as who and what God, (or whatever name you choose to call a higher power) is, why they came to earth again and where they grew or fell backwards.

Complete Awareness would be too much all at once, so we only receive what we are prepared to receive, nothing more or less. We are transparent on the other side so ulterior motives can no longer be hidden; truth and lies are seen as clearly and understood as part of each soul’s growth. ‘Learning’ is a keyword on the Other Side as is love, forgiveness, peace, and bliss.

A common phrase on the Other Side is, ‘You did the best you could.’ When another soul says that to you or your loved one, they mean it and their words mean something because it’s true. Truth is healing.

This is your message for today leading up to Christmas.

You are suffering needlessly, dragging yourself into worry all the time. What if, and could I have or should I?

Some of you are crippled with guilt, wondering if you could have changed events leading up to your loved ones passing, as if you are in control of it all. You are being asked to accept the truth; death is a part of life and each soul is carried home with the help of their Guardian Angels. Even if your loved one died unexpectedly or they had a harmonious passing. Love doesn’t differentiate between what we deem good or bad. Here, on earth, we judge each person based on their strengths and weaknesses. Surely he can’t be in a good place, he took his own life, surely she must be suffering, she was an alcoholic. We may wear the weight of the world here and even drown ourselves in fear without thought of others, but the other side is liberating and healing.

We are holy made.

If you had to let your loved one go, know that you are honored for your courage and your love. When they were down and the odds were stacked against them, you were there. You took the rough road and released them from suffering and it all happened for a reason. Release yourself now too.

If your loved one had/ has dementia, know that they are already preparing for their departure home at the designated time. Send them love and wish them an awareness of their spirit and their strength. See them smiling, remembering all the good times.

Right now is an eternal moment, not bound by time or expectations. Our lives are worth more than our salary, our looks, who loves us and who hates us.

Their passing is a call to get in touch with ourselves as souls and to experience a new reality- a spiritual reality that coexists with us, right now. A grid of light, full of possibility devoid of limitations, fear or hate. A real world where we will experience new life and meaning. (Let’s work toward this now instead of waiting until after death.)

Forgive yourself, your loved ones are happy, fulfilled, growing and learning. What happened here during their lifetime is being reconciled and understood. They are the best version of themselves and still growing.

Don’t let their death be a reason for you to stop living and make the most out of your life. Your loved ones are rooting for you. Have hope!

God Bless,
Shana Lee x

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