In this special three hour event, Shana Lee leads you through a series of guided meditations to get grounded, centred and enthusiastic about your life. Come to this class and experience the incredible calmness of meditation. Even if you think you can’t meditate, you can! Shana will show you how and why it’s such a powerful daily practice to start.

May 26th, 2018
The Healing Arts Studio, Crescent Beach

Location: 2753 Ohara Lane, Surrey BC @ Crescent Beach Time: 9am-12pm Event Length: 3hrs Date(s): May 26th, 2018 Cost: $79

The power of self is enormous and the endless possibilities of the spiritual gifts that we process infinitely. There is so much more to us than meets the eye and so many more ways to work with the intelligence of the universe to bring light to our world. In ages past people like us would have been called the ‘Wise Ones’ and it is this wisdom we seek in this new and exciting seminar. Allow Tony with his vast experience in working in the field to help you uncover your ‘souls connection’ to reveal insights and truths often shielded when concentrating upon mediumship and psychic connections alone. Embracing your higher self and allowing your ‘Soul Speak’ to flow. Tony and Shana Lee will cover exercises to reveal to you the natural way of the Soothsayer, Shamanic Medium, Auger and Visionary, these ancient ways await us and may prove invaluable in your future Spirit Work. This week is packed with meditations, psychic techniques, and energy exercises. Be prepared to laugh, learn and grow- leaps and bounds in your Spirit work. Cofee and tea provided throughout the week. Bring your own lunch or go to a local Crescent Beach restaurant.

September 20th- 6pm-9pm
September 21st- 9am- 7pm
September 22nd- 9am- 7pm
September 23rd- 9am- 4pm with Mediumship Demonstration at 7pm- 9pm
September 24th- 9am- 7pm
September 25th- 9am- 2pm with Trance Dem with Tony Stockwell at 7pm-9pm
*Cost includes the entire five day course and two Mediumship demonstrations. Cost does not include accomodation or meals.

*Cost includes the entire five-day course and one seat at both Mediumship demonstrations. Price does not include meals or accommodation.

Shana Lee has a special rate at the Ocean Promenade Hotel in White Rock.
*Mention you’d like a room under Shana Lee Gibson
Ocean Promenade Hotel
T: 604-542-0102
F: 604-542-0338


#1. Pay in full through EVENTBRITE.

#2. Pay the $405 Canadian deposit through e-transfer with the final amount of $900 owing August 1st. Contact Shana Lee for this option.

#3. Send the deposit of $405 Canadian via credit card using paypal’s ‘send money’ option to and Shana will forward you the registration form to fill out and return back. (Paypal allows you to choose canadian currency if you are from outside of Canada.)

The registration form will be sent to your email.

The Healing Arts Studio, Crescent Beach
There are no refunds for this event

Location: The Healing Arts Studio, Crescent Beach, Event Length: 5 days Date(s): September 20th- 25th, 2018