This workshop is for you- the tireless soul seeker, who is ready to grow beyond old frustrations and uncover the pressing ‘lesson’ that life is giving you the opportunity to learn. While there is no one size fits all for spiritual growth, Shana Lee will provide you with dynamic exercises for retrieving soul memories, along with questions for personal discovery, guided visualization, meditation and guidance. The is a one day workshop in an intimate group with like minded people. Come and discover your next steps to take in life, through the eyes of your Soul. Some of the additional questions we will explore are, ‘What relationships are karmic?’ ‘What lessons are worth not repeating?’ Worksheets are included in this course.

Location: The Healing Arts Studio at 2753 Ohara Lane, Surrey BC V4A3E4 Time:10am-3pm PST
Date: July 12th, 2018
Cost: $150 + 5% GST