You know that moment when you see something you’ve dreamt of come to life? I keep having these moments with Empowering The Teenage Soul Oracle Cards as they make their way into people’s hands.

Ya I know, you’re tired of hearing about the Teenage Soul cards, lol. You’re probably still super curious but wondering, ‘Shana, can adults really use these cards too or is it just a sales pitch??!’ And I’m here to say, ‘Yes. Adults can use them every day and the cards are ‘eerily accurate.’ It doesn’t matter how old you are I promise, as long as you have a curious heart you’ll find them a valuable tool in your life. At Art! Vancouver a 65 year old woman bought them as a birthday gift for herself.

Anyways, my soul sister Susan found the deck at Indigo Grandview Corners and took a picture for me! She was so excited to see them among the local authors and beside Vij’s- you know the amazing owner behind the famous Indian Restaurant Vij’s in Vancouver and ‘My Shanti’ here in South Surrey. The food is epic!

So, I’m looking at this photo having one of those ‘wow’ moments, wondering if I should let the feeling settle in. I’m hesitant to celebrate small successes- yep you heard it. I often treat life like a mountain and take very little breaks on my uphill climb just in case I lose steam and want to turn around. LOL. True analogy for me and completely fits with my CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN card within the oracle card deck. That’s my motto- keep a positive attitude and accept Spirit’s help to keep climbing.

However, I’ve recently come up for air. I’ve reached a plateau in my journey and stopped to assess my life, where I’m going, what & who I’m climbing for and to perhaps (just maybe) acknowledge my successes along the way.

And yes, I’m proud of me. I recieved divine inspiration and acted when I was asked to walk on another pathway- one that made me feel clumsy at first- and still does sometimes.

But I’m waking up with joy. And that’s a sign that I’m on the right path and will land exactly where I’m meant to with the cards, exactly when I’m meant to. And so will you. You came here with a calling. If you’re feeling miserable that’s an indicator you took a temporary detour away from your heart’s truth. If you’re happy, then congratulations! Keep climbing!

For the weary traveler, start back on your path by taking a good, honest and loving look at your life. You won’t see clearly if you’re holding a grudge though. So, you’ll be reminded to let go, feel the feelings, forgive and move on from past experiences that scarred you for a time. You’ll see that you’re whole and healed and that nothing- but you- stands in your way. The way ahead is an adventure, lighten up and expect good for yourself. And if you’re still scratching your head, buy yourself an Empowering The Teenage Soul Oracle card deck and start working with the cards. The answers are within you after all, you just need a little help seeing and hearing them. (Yes a shameless plug, but why not? They are good for the soul after all!) If you have a deck and LOVE working with it… please go HERE and write your review (it says REVIEW PRODUCT)- I need your help to spread the word about the cards and ignite an inner spark of light in young and old alike!

God Bless,
Shana Lee x