We live in an energy universe. Despite physical appearances, everything is energy. That’s why as a Medium, someone who is ‘tuned into’ the other side, I can communicate with our deceased loved ones, see the truth of situations, the gathering of energy where illness forms and the positive and negative consequences of our decisions.

Each one of us has the ability to sense and feel the truth, to know energy, to progress spiritually and to respond to the ‘angel or devil’ on our shoulder. Did you know that every day we are reacting to energy as well as the words and actions of others?

Have you gotten out of bed happy and prepared for the day only to walk out the door suddenly plagued by a feeling of incompetence or anxiety?
Do you have random thoughts that are aha’s and amazing revelations and also sad, hurtful thoughts that you can’t stop thinking about?
Have you felt a happy change was coming and then found out a family member got unexpected good news?

Energy has a way of communicating with us through our physical bodies before it becomes an event or situation. The more sensitive we are, the more affected we will be by world events and tragic situations. We will also be elated and ride an energy high for days when something synchronistic happens to us, our loved ones or in the world. We are riding the waves of positive change as a planet.

We can get used to living a ‘stressful’ and unhappy life despite how hard we try to progress on the Spiritual path because we are full of static energy from a lack of exercise, electromagnetic waves, low energy foods, worrying and fearful thoughts or an ongoing negative situation.

Energy needs to be released. It needs to move, transform, transmute and channel.

You are a channel. Every day you are guided by various spiritual impulses. Some uplifting and inspiring, some not. You choose what you will respond to from the inside, out.

When you’re tempted to get angry and tell someone off, that’s an energy impulse. When you feel overtaken with compassion for someone, that’s an energy impulse. It’s not always black and white. Sometimes we need to stand for justice, speak up for those we love and persevere for what we believe in. However, the energy behind it is what matters. Are we responding to loving or fearful impulses?

As you go about your day, realize that you are a channel for Spirit to spread hope, words of encouragement, kindness, friendship, and love. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just be a channel when you can and an opportunity presents itself. It only takes one patient person to calm everyone in a busy lineup. One person’s energy, lovingly refined can change thousands.

Be a channel for good and let the Devil on your shoulder get bored with you.