I hope you are healthy, optimistic and having a meaningful day even if you aren’t yet where you want to be in life. Forgive me, last month I was away. As a one-woman show (other than PT assistant’s help) I often find myself juggling work, writing and finding time to stay in touch with you. However moving forward you can look forward to a consistent blog and newsletter.  Two years ago I had a series of dreams and thankfully, I wrote them all down. One night I scoured through my journals and read a series of excerpts. My dreams were leading me to a new vision but because I was fearful, I kept ignoring my inner guidance and rationalizing my choices. You see, I was a single mother for 8 years and had to juggle being a medium, creating a career, raising a child with a learning disability and handling the dynamics with her father. I was full-stop working to do what needed to be done. My relationship with God was rocky- because of what I imagined he thought of me. I felt I wasn’t living up to his/her expectations despite the excellence in my work, my daughter’s needs being met and my continual forward movement spiritually. The new vision in my dreams seemed ‘too big’ for someone who’s struggled like me. How would it come together? What would I need to do? Can I do what is being asked of me? I found myself going around and around like a hamster on a wheel, searching for answers with none to be found. An inner voice stopped me in my tracks and reminded me of the many times I’ve done readings over the years and how God has graciously led each one of you to new shores despite your difficulties. Somehow it was easier for me to look at all of your answered prayers than to recall my own. Once I recalled all the blessings I’ve witnessed in your lives, I thought of my own life. I can’t count the miracles or answered prayers. God has blessed me in the strangest and most amazing ways. Without giving it all away (because things are in the works), I am embarking on a new adventure and I know there are some of you who will be called to work with me as your mentor. Truth be told, you have all the answers within you. I am most interested in seeing you live the life God intended for you and leading you as I am guided.

While I won’t be offering readings for the foreseeable future, I am here to teach and guide you. Come to a workshop, join a class or mentor with me directly 1-1. Accept my infinite gratitude for allowing me to be your reader over the past 12 years. I’ve never taken your trust and loyalty for granted. I have felt your loved one’s soul and their love for you. They are safe and happy on the Other Side. They have no fear or pain. Never doubt they are with you and helping you.

Now, it’s your turn to carry the baton and birth a new legacy for yourself. Go past your families limitations, one step at a time, break free of your fears inch by inch. Every time you move forward and overcome a difficulty, your loved ones in life and on the other side are also breaking free. What you do for yourself, you do for all. There is only love. I love and appreciate you.


My final event of 2017! Christmas Messages with Spirit at the Healing Arts Studio

God Bless,
Shana Lee x