Amethyst & Obsidian Healing Mat

Amethyst, Obsidian and Tourmaline Healing Mat

The Amethyst, Obsidian & Tourmaline mat is my favourite healing tool for rapid energetic rejuvenation!

Whether you are a healing arts practitioner, a crystal lover, a sensitive person, or if you consider yourself a skeptic of ‘energy’ tools, you will enjoy the deeply relaxing properties of this mat. Not to mention you’ll be soaking up negative ions to combat excessive electromagnetic waves. Settle into the warmth of infrared heat, along with the amazing healing vibes of pure Amethyst, Obsidian and Tourmaline gemstones.

My own experience with this mat began in December 2017 after a bout of prolonged illness. Synchronicity led me to the mat and the moment I laid down, I fell in love. As someone who is often cold, the infrared heat was a real treat and relaxation quickly settled in. Upon settling in, my mind was calmer than before. As it turned out, the PEMF button had been pressed by the demonstrator and negative eons were flowing through my body. Together, the Amethyst,¬†Obsidian and Tourmaline worked their subtle magic and dream-like visions floated through my mind. Overall, it was a relaxing and clarifying experience for me. Unlike anything I’ve experienced before!

This mat is my go-to after a long day of seeing clients or giving a workshop. I also sometimes enjoy just relaxing on the mat while watching a great show. Or I’ll play meditation music and fall asleep on the mat.

Let me know your experiences? Do you love gemstones? Have you tried this mat or others like it?