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Although I come from a long line of intuitive women…

I’m the first of my family to work in the healing arts. As fate would have it I was born clairvoyant, but had no knowledge of what that meant until I came face to face with it at 15 years old when I predicted and witnessed an accident my mum had when visiting her friend’s farm. Up until that point I’d been experiencing visions, feelings and a sharp knowingness.

Shana Lee Gibson

Shana Lee Gibson

I was 21 yrs old when I went to Toronto in pursuit of a dream. After only a short time there I came down with a serious illness and returned to BC. During my recovery I read a number of books including ‘A Course in Miracles’ and Paramahansa Yogananda’s SRF lessons. Both courses fell into my lap through a series of synchronistic events. It seemed Spirit had a direction for my life despite my best laid plans.




In 2007, following a period of prayer (I surely wore heaven out) and soul searching I began giving readings. My first reading was through a friend and by donation. The rest is history!

In pursuit of excellence the following year I attended the world’s foremost college of psychic sciences: Arthur Findlay College, England and my studies spanned a series of intensive courses from 2008-2015.


The work has helped clients around the world from Canada to Europe to the far reaches of Pakistan. I’ve demonstrated three years in a row at Vancouver’s favourite spiritual bookstore, Banyen Books & Sound and produced Vancouver events with Famous Mediums Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell.

I’ve had the pleasure of working along side Mavis Pittilla, Tony Stockwell, Angela Dunlop and Celebrity Medium Mitchell Coombes.


I opened the doors to my healing arts studio in Crescent Beach in June 2014, a magical beachside sanctuary for those seeking healing and intuitive development from where I offer one-to-one sessions and one of a kind top- notch events and beautiful retail products. My newest project, ‘Empowering The Teenage Soul’ 33 Oracle Cards & Guidebook is available in stores and on my website store.

I’ve been featured in the Squamish Chief, Archives of Cool, and as Vancouverite of the Week online at Inside Vancouver Magazine. The Globe & Mail, CTV and Vitamin Daily mentioned me as your go-to Psychic Medium and you can hear me work in past episodes of Synchronicity Radio.

Every event I do is an opportunity for me to make strong, clear and accurate connections with your soul and with your loved ones who are on ‘The Other Side.’

God Bless,
Shana Lee x

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About Shana Lee

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Celebration of Spirit

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