Are you here because you’re….

  • Tired of feeling afraid of your intuitive gifts?
  • At a point where you need to make sense of your gut feelings?
  • Ready to connect to the loving power behind those “lucky” breaks and coincidences you experience?

Then your life is about to take an exciting turn! I’ll help you initiate a conversation with your soul, make sense of your intuition, and reconnect to love. Together we’ll uncover your unique voice from your soul’s perspective.

I’m inviting you to trust yourself. Many have gone before you, and while some were initially apprehensive they quickly forged a new and beautiful pathway in their lives. You don’t have to have the answers to begin, it’s only important that you take the action you’re feeling called to.

We all have a series of happenings that bring us to a moment of clarity– about who we are, who we are not and the meaning we give to our life. This is your opportunity to create the next chapter in your story.

My Story

I grew up in a log cabin my parents built near the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, BC. My early years were spent playing in the dirt with my three siblings, our horse Flyer, and our goat’s Radar and Daisy. When I wasn’t playing, I was talking to God.

When I was five years old we moved to Edmonton, Alberta. My life was filled with visions and feelings of deceased loved ones and guardian angels; fitting in at school, and trying to make sense of the religious teachings at our Seventh Day Adventist Church.

In my free time, I cared for animals at our local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), and quickly became an ambassador for the unspoken, lost and abandoned.

Underneath the surface, I carried a burden of guilt. I was having psychic experiences and in God’s eyes, I was “wrong.” This began a 28-year battle between what I’d been told about God and what I felt through my personal knowing and visions.

At age 15 I had a vision that my mom would be in an accident while she was on a trip. The vision came true. Accidentally, while driving a tractor, her friend drove over her. Fortunately, my mom survived, but after that experience, I ran away from my knowing and channeled it into acting.

I ended up winning a talent competition and was named one of  “Vancouver’s up and coming.” After a trip to Toronto, where at age 21 I was planning to officially launch my acting career, I came down with an illness that forced me to move back to my parent’s home on BC’s Sunshine Coast. I spent the next two years recuperating and reading spiritual books like Conversations with God, A Course in Miracles and Autobiography of a Yogi.

I began to realize the gift I’d run away from as a teenager was actually a blessing I could use in service to others. Synchronicity led me to England and I embarked upon a study of clairvoyance. Low and behold I ended up with a career sharing visions to offer solace, peace, and validation to people around the world.

Today, after 12 years giving mediumship readings full time, I’m called to share my visions with you as a Spiritual Teacher and I offer my visions to you through Divine Insight Sessions, Group events, Mentorship and Meditation. Let us transform your relationship to Spirit together.

Professional Bio

Shana Lee is a prominent clairvoyant, medium and spiritual mentor. She believes that each one of us is a wave in the great ocean of God with unique spiritual gifts and a divine purpose.  

Shana has 12 years of experience (in person and online) with clients in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. She provides hope, validation, and inspiration through events, spiritual mentorship and meditation classes.

She combines guided meditation, intuitive development and spiritual philosophy in her work. Known for accuracy she has worked alongside renowned mediums Tony Stockwell, Mitchell Coombes and Mavis Pittilla.

She is the author of the newly released popular teen oracle card deck Empowering The Teenage Soul. The 33 oracle cards and guidebook inspires the teenage soul in children and adults around the world.

From 2008-2015 she attended various courses at the Arthur Findlay College (; the world’s foremost college of psychic sciences. Shana Lee is currently in her third year of demonstrating mediumship at Banyen Books & Sound (Vancouver, BC).

She has been featured in the Squamish Chief, Archives of Cool, The Globe & Mail, CTV, Vitamin Daily and Vancouverite of the Week.

Shana Lee has been interviewed on Synchronicity Radio, Inspired Living Radio, and We don’t Die Radio. She also previously hosted her own show, Spirit Talks:

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