Hey! I’m Shana Lee

Through clairvoyance and spiritual guidance,
I help you find answers to life’s toughest questions

How do I transcend old, painful patterns?
How do I create a deeper spiritual connection?
How do I truly heal?

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“Six weeks of Mentorship with Shana were a journey of deep self-discovery. As a result, I feel unshakeable confidence in my ability to transform any situation and to trust myself, my decisions and ultimately to shape my destiny. Shana’s approach is direct and honest, yet deeply empathic. All of it is infused with the loving energy of spirit, with a touch of the otherworldly. Wholeheartedly an important and empowering experience.” I.V., Vancouver BC

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Listen to your heart as it leads you where you want to go.

Empowering The Teenage Soul 33 Oracle Cards and Guidebook were born out of a vision I received to inspire youth toward a spiritual perspective in their daily lives. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the cards were printed in October 2016 and to date more than 1000 decks have been sold. Inspiration for these cards came from reconciling my own experience of spiritual awakening at 15 years old; it was a time when I sought my own answers. These cards fill a need in the oracle card gap, inspiring the teenage soul as they learn to navigate daily life with a loving and positive perspective.

What Message Does the Oracle Have For You?

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